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CSR Classic cheats – Online Gold generator tool

We got good news for all of you who like Drag Racing games and want a few advantages over your opponents. Some days ago the first CSR Classics cheats got released. Don’t get me wrong it’s not the first cheats tool for this game at all but the first one that you can use from your browser. Without the need for a Root or Jailbreak. This alone makes the CSR Classics cheats of the team already amazing but the security rounds up their great work and let you stay undetected while generating the resources. It has brand new features no other hack tool ever included as they are made by themselves.

Using the online generator is now easier the it ever was you are able to start it from every device that got a working internet connection as it is browser based. Press the above button to browse the CSR Classics cheats and the follow the tutorial below.

csr classics hack

How to use the website

There are only three informations you have to enter so you should start with the first one which is the username. You can also simply type your Appstore/Playstore E-Mail address in there because they are connected to each other. Now you have to press the connect button and wait for the hack to connect to your account. As next you should think of how many resources you would like to have. Enter the number for Gold and Cash into it’s field and start the generating process.

A new window will show you the progress of the resource creation as it can take a little time like up two two minutes if many people are trying to do this at the same time. After this process has finished and the CSR Classics cheats has sent the resource you will experience what it means to play the game for fun. That is a big difference than playing the game always trying to get the most resources out of every race. As you can now simply don’t care of resources you get for races you can just play for the pure fun. CSR Classics hack does not have any caps in using it so you can do so whenever you want.

csr classics cheats

Is it difficult or dangerous to use the hack?

No, as the hack tool is getting updated very often you can be sure that there will be no negative side effects with using it. At least as long as you follow the developers guidelines and do not generate too many resources in too short time. This is the biggest mistake people can do when using the CSR Classics cheats so we advise you now to not use the hack tool more then once a day if you select the maximum amount available.

About the usage, above we wrote a little tutorial how to make use of the hack tool. This should not be a problem for anybody as these are only three simple steps you have to do to get your resources. You can also just open the website in a new browser and read he tutorial while making use of the CSR Classic cheats.

We will keep this post updated if there are any important changes being made to the CSR Classics hack we are the first that will let you know.